Version Release Notes for Green Logic Systems version 2.00.08

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Release Date: 27/09/2013

Please Note: This update may take several hours to complete, during which time Green Logic Systems will be un-usable on any computer. Once you have updated the first computer, the rest will have to be updated prior to using Green Logic Systems, but the install time should be a matter of minutes, rather than hours for these ones.
Please read and understand the installation instructions available to download with the latest version. Ring me if you have any questions.
Please see release notes for versions 2.00.06 and 2.00.07 which were not publicly released, but were issued as separate releases to aid development.

This update contains numerous new features, design changes and bug fixes. Some of the more major changes are listed below, but many others have also been implemented.
Let me know what other features and changes you'd like made and if you do find any bugs in this release, please accept my apologies and let me know imediately.